JaCK WeJiT Adventures

Endgame: The Final Quest
Laura, Grey Paw, and Raz storm the tower to rescue their friends and finish off this villian once and for all
EndGame: The Battle for Brightstone Keep
Matrum and Hamilcar fight to protect the Keep from a legion of undead
Endgame: The Siege of Tarrant
Mygar and Djembe are needed to save the city of Tarrant and the Duke..... but do they care?
Endgame: Journey to the Outlands
The pirate ship full of adventurers descends onto an unsuspecting Outlands

This is going to be a long write up, so I wont finish it all in one go

Matrum, Djembe, Monte and the gnomes managed to steal an Astral Skiff. Luckily Matrum had found a book on Astral Navigation which allowed them a rudimentary ability to travel the planes. Their first destination was to get back to the Keep so they could resupply. While they were their they dropped off Astrid, Matrums recent consort, and picked up Mygar and Minnie (who had just had her soul placed in a body). Shar had told Mygar that they needed to get their group together again and head to the Outlands.

Minnie locates Laura in the Beastlands (she hops on board) and Raz in Hell (he hops on board), and so the Journey to the Outlands begins….

I’m skipping the middle because my memory is a bit muddled right now.

Our adventurers enter the spire and begin the long walk upwards. Surprisingly there is some form of magic which allows them to reach the top of an infinite staircase. The top floor opens into a grand hall with bare walls and a pool of water in the middle. Floating above the water is a 20ft tall woman, wearing a shimmering robe. She has long hair that is woven into braids with small blades protruding outwards. She addresses the group standing before her:

“So you’ve finally reached me; if you haven’t already guessed, I am the Lady of Pain. We have important business to get to, but I’m sure you’re just full of questions. I don’t have much patience for mortals, so make it quick.”

“Alright, I’ve got one.” Mygar responds, “If what you need us to do is so important, why didn’t you just contact us directly or teleport us here?”

“You were all compromised by the evil you fought. He infected you and then sent you into the planes, knowing you would seek help from your Gods. You passed on this infection which draws their power to him. This Spire is insulating us from his influence. I didn’t dare attempt any direct contact with you because I didn’t know who was infected and if it could harm me. Look into this pool to see how he has harmed your Gods.”

They gather around the water and gaze in. The image fades between Ehlona, Garl, the Gith Queen, the Mandible Queen, Kord, and Shar, all of whom are weak/sick.

Raz looks up at the Lady with a grin on his face. “So how does an attractive lady like yourself fit in to this crazy wor-” Raz is interrupted mid-sentence as he is thrown against the far wall.

“DO NOT PLAY GAMES WITH ME BOY. I am the God of Gods, not some village whore! Speak to me without honor again and you will learn just why I am called the Lady of PAIN.” (unknown to Raz at the time, he just contracted Syphilis)

Laura cautiously goes next: “The man we are to fight, is he a God?

“He is not a God, but he believes that he is. When that stupid human was trying to resurrect the Great Wyrm (the Yuan-Ti God), he used a large portion of Wyrdtone. It reflected the energy of his spell back, but more powerfully then before. It kept bouncing and gaining power, reverberating off the walls, until their was too much energy. Your enemy formed from that misplaced power. He, his tower, and everything in it simply appeared in that instance, taking the shape of the things closest. The form that he took was absorbed from Mygar and I believe Djembe’s form was also taken by one of the Towers inhabitance.”

“All right then,” Hamilcar interjected, “What is his plan?”

“He can’t leave the plan he was created in, so he is stuck in the material plane. He is gaining power though, absorbing it from the people around him and from those Gods you infected for him. If he managed to kill enough of the Gods, the energy of the multi-verse will be unbalanced. All of the different planes will collapse into each other and he will be unstoppable.”

“This is all great information,” starts Matrum “but I’d rather just know how to kill him”


49. Dragon Wrestling
Raz goes to hell and meets Kord

Raz pops out of the portal and kills some minions. He meets a huge wrestling man with a talking sword who gives him directions. Some Kobolds caught his Griffin. Raz chases them and discovers they plan to use it as a gift to a dragon. The dragon in question is Tiamat the five headed god of evil dragons. The odd wrestling dude offers to help Raz get his companion back. Raz climbs into the dragon pit and the dude (Kord) jumps off the cliff edge onto the dragon. Raz breaks his griffin out of it’s cage and Laura shows up hanging off of a rope floating in mid air. Kord gets thrown into a nearby wall, get’s up and charges the dragon with his bare hands, telling Raz to get out while he deals with the lizard. Raz and Griffin escape to the Astral Skiff.

48. Death

Hamilcar is wounded and in the Chaos Space Marine region of the Abyss. He is captured and tortured by the hermaphrodite Devil. Specifically his tongue is torn out and then prepare to stab him. Just then, Death intervenes “This one cannot die yet”. He takes Hamilcar into a shadowy area and the sit at a table. He explains that The Lady of Pain requires his assistance and he knows that the balance must be maintained. Hami was supposed to die, which means Death will be greatly inconvenienced by this. To balance it out, Hami must beat Death at a chess game or lose his soul (payable after the Lady is done with him).

The game ensues and Hami is about to win. Death offers him a chance to draw from the Deck of Many Things. He elects to draw 5 cards. He loses 4 int points, gains 2 str points, his alignment is changed to TN, he is imprisoned, and he has one year to ask a single question which must be answered truthfully.

47. Into The Wild
Laura and Grey Paw frolic in the woods

Laura gains the ability to become a wolf, but she needs to learn to master the form. They do some adventuring, hunting down a hunter. I’ll fill in more details later, suffice it to say, she kills the hunter, but he kills the sacred stag first.

At the end she reaches Elhona, her God, who tells her this:

“You did well Laura, but it is the nature of life. All beings must progress to their next state, as you will soon. Take these antlers and craft a mighty bow, it would make her proud. I have a gift for your furry friend too.”

She picks up an ivory statue and touches the wolfs head at the same time.

“He can now become the figurine at will. He will be in a form of lucid semi-dreaming state; able to think to some degree, but mostly resting. Do not leave him there too long though he may find it hard to wake up after a week. Now, on to important business, you must both seek out the Lady of Pain, she needs your help. All of the deities were told to send your group to her (not all of us listened) because of a coming evil. Go to her and bring your friends, they will all play a part. I hope she treats you well, goodbye Laura.

A dozen ropes appear in the air. Laura and Grey Paw board the Astral Skiff.

45-B. Mygars Prologue
Mygars brief return to the Material Plane

So this is just trying to deal with what the hell happened after Mygars last game where he messed up my dungeon. He’s back in his tower in a body he can’t maintain indefinitely. The Keep is terribly busy with many new faces around. Mygar meets Abraham and convinces him that he is Mygar in a different body. Abraham then updates him on the events at the Keep:

“Things have broken down into chaos. The man from the tower has been busy while you were all gone. He and his mask have split up and are amassing undead armies. Whole towns have been killed and then risen. The administration of Lancaster was unable to deal with this new threat so soon after the Yuan-Ti cult being exposed. The province is in a state of martial law with militias and undead roaming the country side. Most commoners are seeking protection from whomever will offer it. All of the able bodied men and women from Marikesh are helping fortify the Keep and the surrounding mountain passes. We’ve got the children and the elderly in some caves further into the mountains. The Duke is would certainly wish to speak to you ASAP.”

Mygar then travels to Teryino, where He is quickly rushed in to see the Duke. They fill each other in on what has gone on. The Duke has a few bits of info that Abraham didn’t, namely that several Gods have rallied their supporters and formed their own armies. They travel around killing undead whenever they can. Some of the Gods seen have been Heironeous, Fharlagn, Pelor, Cuthbert, Boccob, and Nerull. The last one, Nerull, hasn’t formed an army, but there have been several sitings of him alone. The Duke has been ordered to fortify himself in the capital city of Tarrant. Mygar is then introduced to his chief Mage and they confer in the mages quarters.

The Mage explains what they know of the enemy. He appears to have been created from a failed summoning spell of a grand magnitude. From what they have seen he’s never left the material plane, which means he may be unable to. He’s also been gaining power exponentially casting spells of more power every day. A curious fact is that he hasn’t been confronted by any of the Gods roaming the lands. They certainly could have found him, which means they didn’t want to; not good. The mage also helps Mygar prepare some scrolls to keep the Mind Flayer from leaving if Mygar is not occupying him. He then prepares an alter to his God, Shar , to speak with her. It works and she is able to conjure his amulet from wherever it was and give ti back to him. So that wraps up and he goes back to the Keep where he learns something new.

Minnie contacts him and is quite suprised at where he is. She didn’t realize he had switched bodies because his old form continued with the mission (to kill the champion and lead the ‘Zerai into a trap). Mygar traps the mindflayer in his tower and plane shifts into his old ‘Zerai body. The ambush is just being resolved and he is brought before the Githyankai Lich Queen. She had promised to do him a favor for helping them with the ‘Zerai trap. Mygar asks her to give Minnie a body, which she agrees to. The transfer takes place (she becomes a Gith) and the two of them plane shift back to the Keep.

Sometime later the guys on the pirate ship show up and they get on board.

46. A Gnomish Conclusion
Djembe must gather the scattered gnomes while Matrum finds himself in Formian territory

This is a direct sequel to A Gnomish Journey and to GoldieLaw and Sheriff Bear. Hamilcars nephew, Monte, finds himself jailed in a foreign land for trespassing. Djembe and his gnomes split up, with two of them searching for the other gnomes and Djembe trying to free Monte. Matrum and his female companion walk through a portal that drops them in the outskirts of a strange looking town.

Djembe’s crew isn’t meeting much success. He attempted to break Monte out of jail but made a mess of the stealthy plan. After successfully scaling the building walls he realized he had no way to figure out where Monte was in the three story building. On top of that, a guard heard him scamper up the wall and had raised the alarm. Not seeing much in the way of a good option, Djembe clambered down the wall and booked it. His escape worked but it hadn’t helped Monte much. Meanwhile, Gimble had found one of the group of gnomes. One of them had broken his leg badly, so they were hiding out in an abandoned basement. Djembe and crew sought the wounded man out and healed him as best they could.

Off to the plane hoping Matrum…

The pair decided they may as well investigate this city. As they approached several creatures emerged who looked like guards of some sort. They were Formian soldiers, but they didn’t have their weapons drawn. The Formains explained that they were trespassing in the lands of Mandible and must be brought to a captain to ensure they didn’t mean harm to the hive. They complied with the authorities and walked with them into the city. When a captain was able to speak with them he immediately told them they must be brought before the queen. This isn’t a matter of hostilities, she wishes to help them. So again, they go along with it. As they are escorted underground a Formian explains that Mandible is a hive who wishes to make peace with humanoids. They have lived peacefully next to Cudjel for many years and even permit some merchants to set up shop on the surface. Outsiders are not usually allowed underneath the city though. Scene fades out as they emerge into a huge cavern with an immensely bloated Formain behind a pane of glass.

Monte is woken up the next morning by a guard. He tells him that he will be brought before a judge in a few hours. Djembe and the gang are out searching for one of the last two groups of missing gnomes. Hours pass and Monte find himself speaking to the judge. The judge asks him why he was found in the sacred temple of St. Cuthbert, far into the restricted areas. Monte explains his case honestly, that he was transported their by an evil wizard and that he had no intention of any wrong doing. He is then asked to excuse himself while the judge decides his verdict. Djembe has found another gnomes squad, but they are one member short. The portal they went through dropped them into a kitchen. Unfortunately one of them dropped into a pot of stew and wasn’t found in time. Monte is acquitted of his crime (he is 12 for christ sake) and is freed. He is given an armed escort until he can find someone to take care of him. They wander the town and meet up with the gnomes. Monte tells the escort that they are friends of his uncle/guardian which he believes is safe enough.

The queen speaks to Mygar and Astrid about the predictions of her seers. They have foretold the coming of a great evil. Something so powerful it could destroy the planes themselves. They told her ‘a man without form, a man without heart, and a daughter of pain would gather together a group of brave warriors’. It is this group, and only this group, who will be able to kill The Man Who Shouldn’t Be.

A beam of light flies from Matrum chest, through the glass, wounding the queen. The guards immediately descend on him as he protests his innocence. The queen orders them to halt, saying “I can feel this energy, it is foreign to the vampire. The enemy must have cast a hidden spell on him before he came here. Nevertheless, they should leave lest there are any other surprises.” As they journey to the surface, Minnie contact Matrum telling him to meet up with Djembe and Monte in the city of Cudgel.

As the two groups are preparing to meet, Minnie tells them both of a portal that just opened near Cudgel. If they all hurry they should be able to meet just a little ways away from it. A bit of walking takes place and everyones together again (well, accept that last group of gnomes that was forgotten about). The portal appears to be a set of twelve ropes hanging in two rows of six. They are guarded by two Githyanki who are easily killed. Climbing up the ropes leads the group into a sort of astral pirate ship. There are a few more crew members on board who are dealth with, and them the ship has been stolen. Our heroes now have an Astral Skiff at there disposal.

PS….. Awesome

45. All that work

This is a continuation of Mygar’s previous mission. The newly minted spy for the Githyanki finds himself set ablaze. The trouble with Limbo is that it’s so chaotic chunks of land will fade through the various elements. Mygar happened to portal his way into a block of fire, which isn’t good for a combustible being. The flames are dealt with and he seeks out the Githzerai settlement.

He is greeted as a hero because of the knowledge he brings them of their enemy (if you remember he is actually going to lead them into a trap). A celebration is held that night and he makes friendly with the war chief. The Chief announces he is going on a Rakkma with his second in command, two of his elite guards and Mygar. The Rakkma is where the ‘Zerai travel to the material plane and hunt down Illithids for honour. They must bring back the heads of as many Illithids as the hunting party numbers.

The group travels out the next day and Mygar decides to ruin the dungeon I made. The first Mind Flayer he sees manages to stun 3 of the players. Mygar uses his possession ability to take control of the Flayer. A Flayer can plane shift at will, meaning that Mygar can now get home whenever he wants. He leaves his ‘Zerai body behind and escapes to his tower, which makes the rest of the Dungeon moot.

Mygar isn’t free and clear yet though. An Illithid has a stronger will then Mygar and he must subdue it’s mind every day he wants it’s body.


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