JaCK WeJiT Adventures

45. All that work

This is a continuation of Mygar’s previous mission. The newly minted spy for the Githyanki finds himself set ablaze. The trouble with Limbo is that it’s so chaotic chunks of land will fade through the various elements. Mygar happened to portal his way into a block of fire, which isn’t good for a combustible being. The flames are dealt with and he seeks out the Githzerai settlement.

He is greeted as a hero because of the knowledge he brings them of their enemy (if you remember he is actually going to lead them into a trap). A celebration is held that night and he makes friendly with the war chief. The Chief announces he is going on a Rakkma with his second in command, two of his elite guards and Mygar. The Rakkma is where the ‘Zerai travel to the material plane and hunt down Illithids for honour. They must bring back the heads of as many Illithids as the hunting party numbers.

The group travels out the next day and Mygar decides to ruin the dungeon I made. The first Mind Flayer he sees manages to stun 3 of the players. Mygar uses his possession ability to take control of the Flayer. A Flayer can plane shift at will, meaning that Mygar can now get home whenever he wants. He leaves his ‘Zerai body behind and escapes to his tower, which makes the rest of the Dungeon moot.

Mygar isn’t free and clear yet though. An Illithid has a stronger will then Mygar and he must subdue it’s mind every day he wants it’s body.



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