JaCK WeJiT Adventures

48. Death


Hamilcar is wounded and in the Chaos Space Marine region of the Abyss. He is captured and tortured by the hermaphrodite Devil. Specifically his tongue is torn out and then prepare to stab him. Just then, Death intervenes “This one cannot die yet”. He takes Hamilcar into a shadowy area and the sit at a table. He explains that The Lady of Pain requires his assistance and he knows that the balance must be maintained. Hami was supposed to die, which means Death will be greatly inconvenienced by this. To balance it out, Hami must beat Death at a chess game or lose his soul (payable after the Lady is done with him).

The game ensues and Hami is about to win. Death offers him a chance to draw from the Deck of Many Things. He elects to draw 5 cards. He loses 4 int points, gains 2 str points, his alignment is changed to TN, he is imprisoned, and he has one year to ask a single question which must be answered truthfully.



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