JaCK WeJiT Adventures

49. Dragon Wrestling

Raz goes to hell and meets Kord

Raz pops out of the portal and kills some minions. He meets a huge wrestling man with a talking sword who gives him directions. Some Kobolds caught his Griffin. Raz chases them and discovers they plan to use it as a gift to a dragon. The dragon in question is Tiamat the five headed god of evil dragons. The odd wrestling dude offers to help Raz get his companion back. Raz climbs into the dragon pit and the dude (Kord) jumps off the cliff edge onto the dragon. Raz breaks his griffin out of it’s cage and Laura shows up hanging off of a rope floating in mid air. Kord gets thrown into a nearby wall, get’s up and charges the dragon with his bare hands, telling Raz to get out while he deals with the lizard. Raz and Griffin escape to the Astral Skiff.



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