JaCK WeJiT Adventures

Endgame: Journey to the Outlands

The pirate ship full of adventurers descends onto an unsuspecting Outlands

This is going to be a long write up, so I wont finish it all in one go

Matrum, Djembe, Monte and the gnomes managed to steal an Astral Skiff. Luckily Matrum had found a book on Astral Navigation which allowed them a rudimentary ability to travel the planes. Their first destination was to get back to the Keep so they could resupply. While they were their they dropped off Astrid, Matrums recent consort, and picked up Mygar and Minnie (who had just had her soul placed in a body). Shar had told Mygar that they needed to get their group together again and head to the Outlands.

Minnie locates Laura in the Beastlands (she hops on board) and Raz in Hell (he hops on board), and so the Journey to the Outlands begins….

I’m skipping the middle because my memory is a bit muddled right now.

Our adventurers enter the spire and begin the long walk upwards. Surprisingly there is some form of magic which allows them to reach the top of an infinite staircase. The top floor opens into a grand hall with bare walls and a pool of water in the middle. Floating above the water is a 20ft tall woman, wearing a shimmering robe. She has long hair that is woven into braids with small blades protruding outwards. She addresses the group standing before her:

“So you’ve finally reached me; if you haven’t already guessed, I am the Lady of Pain. We have important business to get to, but I’m sure you’re just full of questions. I don’t have much patience for mortals, so make it quick.”

“Alright, I’ve got one.” Mygar responds, “If what you need us to do is so important, why didn’t you just contact us directly or teleport us here?”

“You were all compromised by the evil you fought. He infected you and then sent you into the planes, knowing you would seek help from your Gods. You passed on this infection which draws their power to him. This Spire is insulating us from his influence. I didn’t dare attempt any direct contact with you because I didn’t know who was infected and if it could harm me. Look into this pool to see how he has harmed your Gods.”

They gather around the water and gaze in. The image fades between Ehlona, Garl, the Gith Queen, the Mandible Queen, Kord, and Shar, all of whom are weak/sick.

Raz looks up at the Lady with a grin on his face. “So how does an attractive lady like yourself fit in to this crazy wor-” Raz is interrupted mid-sentence as he is thrown against the far wall.

“DO NOT PLAY GAMES WITH ME BOY. I am the God of Gods, not some village whore! Speak to me without honor again and you will learn just why I am called the Lady of PAIN.” (unknown to Raz at the time, he just contracted Syphilis)

Laura cautiously goes next: “The man we are to fight, is he a God?

“He is not a God, but he believes that he is. When that stupid human was trying to resurrect the Great Wyrm (the Yuan-Ti God), he used a large portion of Wyrdtone. It reflected the energy of his spell back, but more powerfully then before. It kept bouncing and gaining power, reverberating off the walls, until their was too much energy. Your enemy formed from that misplaced power. He, his tower, and everything in it simply appeared in that instance, taking the shape of the things closest. The form that he took was absorbed from Mygar and I believe Djembe’s form was also taken by one of the Towers inhabitance.”

“All right then,” Hamilcar interjected, “What is his plan?”

“He can’t leave the plan he was created in, so he is stuck in the material plane. He is gaining power though, absorbing it from the people around him and from those Gods you infected for him. If he managed to kill enough of the Gods, the energy of the multi-verse will be unbalanced. All of the different planes will collapse into each other and he will be unstoppable.”

“This is all great information,” starts Matrum “but I’d rather just know how to kill him”




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