JaCK WeJiT Adventures

41. A Gnomish Journey

Djembe helps out the Gnome Strike Force

Djembe arrives back at the Keep (this is just after meeting King Hobbly). While getting some grub he is approached by Gimble, the head of the Gnome Strike Force (GSF). He tells him he’s got something to show him in secret.

The gnomes pilfered a special mirror from a captured enemy fort. It acts as a two way portal but it leads to a dark empty room. As of yesterday the room is suddenly lit and a door has opened. The Gnomes want Djembe to come with them as they search for treasure.

They all head in and split into squads of 4-3-3-3 with their magic radios allowing them to communicate. Things quickly get out of hand. Two of the squads aren’t responding and by the time the rest are regrouping, a third squad disappears. It’s just Djembe’s squad left when they confront the source of their problems, The Masked Man. He tells them to go help their friends find their way home and transports them to Arcadia.

The four Gnomes now find themselves in an unknown basement. They sneak up the stairs and discover it’s below a tavern. Upon entering the tavern a fellow gnome spots them and greets them. He informs them of their location (Arcadia) and that they may want to keep their heads down, seeing as this is a lawful plane. Leaving the bar to seek out an inn, Djembe spots a very unusual site: Monte, Hamilcars nephew, seems to have run a foul with the law …. in Arcadia?



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