JaCK WeJiT Adventures

42. GoldieLaw and Sheriff Bear

Matrim is still fleeing from those nasty Archons on Bytopia. Minnie decides to help him get back to the material plane with a bit of advise. She tells him that Garl Glittergold would know where the portals out of Bytopia are. He also may be able to help Mygar find his amulet. Luckily she can sense one of Garl’s agents, called Goldielaw’s, in a city near Matrim. He then needs to find the Goldielaw called Oran and convince him to set up a meeting with Garl.

Upon entering the city, Matrim talks to a guard who gives him some seriously dirty looks. He is instructed to go to the temple for processing. Matrim takes the advice and starts down the road. He seems to be getting the same dirty looks from everyone. A few blocks later, a woman hauls him into her house. She is a Tiefling, introducing herself as Astrid and tells him everyone in town can see his alignment as clear as day. Then she casts a spell on him which reflects back any detect alignment spell. He is then kicked out of the house because she doesn’t want to bring any negative attention to herself.

Matrim had learned from the guard and from Astrid that Oran is being held in jail for some reason. He reaches the jail and convinces the guards that he’s a lawyer for the accused and therefore is allowed to speak to him. Oran tells Matrim that he was caught doing something indecent at the Sheriff’s (this Sheriff is also a werebear) house. He also tells him that if he can get him out of jail, he’ll get him an audience with Garl. Matrim asks him if he minds escaping jail and is told that as long as no one dies, he doesn’t care. Matrim thinks on it and leaves to take a break from all this difficult investigating.

He ends up in a bar chatting with some patrons. Astrid is eating some lunch at a table in the corner. He joins her for the meal and they chat. She talks about how she ended up here and her troubles with an oppressive society (at least for any ‘Evil’ races). When asked if she would be interested in leaving, she professes her interest in traveling to somewhere more diverse, like the material plane. He tells her that he’s going to be leaving town soon and if she is willing, she can come with him. Also, he is honest with her about being a Vampire.



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