JaCK WeJiT Adventures

47. Into The Wild

Laura and Grey Paw frolic in the woods

Laura gains the ability to become a wolf, but she needs to learn to master the form. They do some adventuring, hunting down a hunter. I’ll fill in more details later, suffice it to say, she kills the hunter, but he kills the sacred stag first.

At the end she reaches Elhona, her God, who tells her this:

“You did well Laura, but it is the nature of life. All beings must progress to their next state, as you will soon. Take these antlers and craft a mighty bow, it would make her proud. I have a gift for your furry friend too.”

She picks up an ivory statue and touches the wolfs head at the same time.

“He can now become the figurine at will. He will be in a form of lucid semi-dreaming state; able to think to some degree, but mostly resting. Do not leave him there too long though he may find it hard to wake up after a week. Now, on to important business, you must both seek out the Lady of Pain, she needs your help. All of the deities were told to send your group to her (not all of us listened) because of a coming evil. Go to her and bring your friends, they will all play a part. I hope she treats you well, goodbye Laura.

A dozen ropes appear in the air. Laura and Grey Paw board the Astral Skiff.



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