JaCK WeJiT Adventures

39. My Body's no Bodies Body but my Body

Mygar finds himself in an alien city and his new body has problems all it's own

Minnie explains to Mygar a few abilities he has due to his mental power. He can possess a body in the Astral plane, extract knowledge from it, contact people in other planes and contact Minnie herself. In order to get back home and get his body back, Mygar must get access to planar portals. The only place in the astral plane with stable portals is the Githyanki cities. So he possess a Githyanki in the capital of Tu’narath.

The man he took over is named Lykus (Mygar learns this a little later on). The night of the possession, Lykus had just finished disposing of a body for someone named Terath. Mygar attempts to act as much like his host as possible, he sleeps at his home and shows up for work. Terath interrupts his breakfast the next morning, it turns out he his a captain and outranks Lykus/Mygar. Terath was doing some form of smuggling and Lykus was helping him, not very willingly. He has little choice given his rank.

Mygar uses his free time to find out where a portal may be. He is directed to the Office of Transportation, but it is heavily guarded. At dinner, a female (Vaira) from his group home tells him that she accepts his offer to mate with him during the next ceremony. The next day he is supposed to meet Terath instead of going to work. Before hand, he gets an appointment at the Office of Transportation for the next day.

Terath needs him to help transport a chest into a secured area. The get in fine, but the man who was supposed to receive the goods had betrayed them to the authorities. Mygar uses one of the few spells he maintained to make the chest appear empty. Regardless they are brought in for questioning. Rech, the officer in charge learns the truth of Mygar and Lykus.

Rech makes a deal. Mygar is to take over the body of a captured spy. This spy is a Githzerai, a mortal enemy of the Githyanki. The deal is to impersonate him and assassinate a ‘zerai war hero. He is also given the information the spy had been sent to get, the command word to a vital portal between Tu’narath and Limbo. The gateway leads to an area of Limbo near a ‘Zerai monastery, but it only opens once every seven days. Mygar will use it, give the info to the ‘Zerai which should incite them to send a war party through at the next opening. He should have time to poison the ‘Zerai hero while the war party prepares.

As a reward, Rech offers to send Mygar to the Plane of his choice. As a bonus, he will also get an audience with the queen of the Githyanki, a powerful sorcerer.



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