JaCK WeJiT Adventures

45-B. Mygars Prologue

Mygars brief return to the Material Plane

So this is just trying to deal with what the hell happened after Mygars last game where he messed up my dungeon. He’s back in his tower in a body he can’t maintain indefinitely. The Keep is terribly busy with many new faces around. Mygar meets Abraham and convinces him that he is Mygar in a different body. Abraham then updates him on the events at the Keep:

“Things have broken down into chaos. The man from the tower has been busy while you were all gone. He and his mask have split up and are amassing undead armies. Whole towns have been killed and then risen. The administration of Lancaster was unable to deal with this new threat so soon after the Yuan-Ti cult being exposed. The province is in a state of martial law with militias and undead roaming the country side. Most commoners are seeking protection from whomever will offer it. All of the able bodied men and women from Marikesh are helping fortify the Keep and the surrounding mountain passes. We’ve got the children and the elderly in some caves further into the mountains. The Duke is would certainly wish to speak to you ASAP.”

Mygar then travels to Teryino, where He is quickly rushed in to see the Duke. They fill each other in on what has gone on. The Duke has a few bits of info that Abraham didn’t, namely that several Gods have rallied their supporters and formed their own armies. They travel around killing undead whenever they can. Some of the Gods seen have been Heironeous, Fharlagn, Pelor, Cuthbert, Boccob, and Nerull. The last one, Nerull, hasn’t formed an army, but there have been several sitings of him alone. The Duke has been ordered to fortify himself in the capital city of Tarrant. Mygar is then introduced to his chief Mage and they confer in the mages quarters.

The Mage explains what they know of the enemy. He appears to have been created from a failed summoning spell of a grand magnitude. From what they have seen he’s never left the material plane, which means he may be unable to. He’s also been gaining power exponentially casting spells of more power every day. A curious fact is that he hasn’t been confronted by any of the Gods roaming the lands. They certainly could have found him, which means they didn’t want to; not good. The mage also helps Mygar prepare some scrolls to keep the Mind Flayer from leaving if Mygar is not occupying him. He then prepares an alter to his God, Shar , to speak with her. It works and she is able to conjure his amulet from wherever it was and give ti back to him. So that wraps up and he goes back to the Keep where he learns something new.

Minnie contacts him and is quite suprised at where he is. She didn’t realize he had switched bodies because his old form continued with the mission (to kill the champion and lead the ‘Zerai into a trap). Mygar traps the mindflayer in his tower and plane shifts into his old ‘Zerai body. The ambush is just being resolved and he is brought before the Githyankai Lich Queen. She had promised to do him a favor for helping them with the ‘Zerai trap. Mygar asks her to give Minnie a body, which she agrees to. The transfer takes place (she becomes a Gith) and the two of them plane shift back to the Keep.

Sometime later the guys on the pirate ship show up and they get on board.



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