JaCK WeJiT Adventures

38. The Tower

Djembe has just fled from the Tower where the kings men are being slaughtered. He scampers through the woods and accidentally ends up in Hobbly’s land where he is apprehended by a patrol. Hobbly, Laura, and Raz learn of what happened the previous night (Quest 36). Of course Laura and Raz are eager to come to Hamilcar’s rescue. Hobbly thinks this new swath of undead could be related to his recent issues (Quest 37), so he sends Connie to assist them.

Hamilcar, having recently escaped from his cell, is about do battle with his mirror image. They pummel each other in a grapple, but neither shows any sign of giving up. Real Hamilcar (RH) uses an item to fill the room with fog. He then places a delicious sandwich and a bottle of fine Port on the ground. Mirror Hamilcar (MH) has the same weakness for food and drink as RH and he just can’t pass up a good sandwich. He attempts to eat it and is stabbed viciously by RH. As MH fades into nothing, RH grabs his pistol.

The rest of the group has now reached site of the Tower. There is still a wall of fire surrounding the grounds around it but the landscape has changed. It appears the undead inside the wall have flattened the area so that it is no longer a crater. After spotting a balcony, Raz, Laura, Connie, and Grey Paw are deposited by Raz’s Griffon on it.

Hamilcar has begun exploring his surroundings and crosses paths with a gnome by the name of Simon. He says that he’s been stuck in the tower for as long as he can remember; seems quite stupid. He also mentions ‘pointy heads’ who stop him from escaping. The two of them travel together and Hami finds a note saying “Don’t trust the gnome” signed TSJ. After descending to a lower level, the gnome scampers away.

The rest of the gang clears out some minotaurs and sets off some traps. They meet up with Hamilcar and part one is over!



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