• Grey Paw The Bloodless

    Grey Paw The Bloodless

    Son of Blunt Fang, companion of Laura.
  • Hamilcar "Hami" Sandwich

    Hamilcar "Hami" Sandwich

    A friendly, boastful Paladin/Prestigier, Hami lives for revelry and feats of might!
  • Laura Serendipity

    Laura Serendipity

    TN Half Elf Bard, becoming a wolf lord.
  • Matrim the Bastard

    Matrim the Bastard

    Attractive, in a way that makes you want to pee yourself in terror.
  • Mygar Shadoweave

    Mygar Shadoweave

    A cold hearted Shade Wizard, with a burning love for alchemist fire.
  • Mygar Shadoweave-Epic

    Mygar Shadoweave-Epic

    Freed from the bond of his amulet, Mygar has found a new form, and a new agenda for the world.
  • Raz Theleo Wyver

    Raz Theleo Wyver

    Fighter for Hire with a Full Blade on his back and a Griffin at his side.
  • Winston II

    Winston II

    Mygar's familier, Named Winston after the late demise of Churchil, the owl