Hamilcar "Hami" Sandwich

A friendly, boastful Paladin/Prestigier, Hami lives for revelry and feats of might!


Hami: Human Lv. 5 Paladin/ Lv.3 Prestigier!

STR:23 DEX:16 CON:16 INT:16 WIS:10 CHA:18 (With my DM’s Permission I rolled d20’s, got hella lucky, and even re-rolled my second 20)

Base Attack: +8/+3 W/sword n’ strength +15/+10 +1 1D6 Headbutt

88HP Fast Heal 2 AP 21

Feats: Power Attack, Great Cleave, Improved Grapple, Earth’s Embrace

Traits n’ Features: Aura of Fury, Discern Lies, Subdue, Smite Neutrality 2x, Suggest/Daylight 1x, Close Cohort, Faithful Strike, Luck, Prestige, D6 Sneak Attack, Crippling Strike, Uncanny Feint, Massive Build, S.M. Lv. 1

Languages: Common, Spanish, Yuan-Ti, Infernal

Skills: Bluff:15, Craft Alarming Spring Loaded Device:10, Diplomacy:12, Intimidate:12, Jump:16, Knowledge’s: Arcana History Nobility Religion Science:10, Profession Charlatan Vampire Hunter:5, Search:5, Use Magic Device:1, Skill Trick: Never Outnumbered.

Equipment: Large Masterwork Greatsword, Breastplate, Cape of Protection +1, Pair of Gauntlets Rigged with Alarming Spring Loaded Contraptions, Wyrdstone Gun on “Taxi Driver” like arm-rail, Assortment of useful items in pack, Hella Booze.


Hamilcar Sandwich, or Hami for short, is an odd fellow from the far off land of “Spain”. Although his motivation for journeying so far from his homeland is unknown, he seems to act as if he is on vacation. Frequently drinking, gambling and demonstrating feats of might, Hami mostly goes toward where the action is purely for fun, but still possesses the wanton lust for gold that all Spaniard’s do well visiting foreign lands.

Hami is a relatively level headed carefree sort of guy, he seems to defy most assumed alignments by having a gamut of strong opinions on all subjects, rarely taking morality into account. When questioned as to his alignment Hami usually goes into a long rant about the evils of neutrality, and the importance of everyone having strong overbearing beliefs.

One of Hami’s most obvious tenants is that killing is wrong, as such he frequently tries to take people alive. Unfortunately for most, Hami is a horrible racist, and considers humans to be the only sentient creatures on earth. Hami does have a bit of a soft spot for the smaller humanoids, as they are cute and aren’t so uppity as to grow larger than him.

To keep with his specific form of pacifism, Hami has an assortment of skills. He is a master of brawling, either wrasslin’ or cudgelin’. And is well known to smite a neutral aligned individual, specifically after distracting them, specifically in the nads.

Being raised in Spain, Hami is relatively unfamiliar with magic. He believes(and is capable of doing) the will of God. And he seems to have a bit of a resistance to the odd magic of strange local gods he doesn’t understand or believe.

Lately Hami has adopted his nephew, the young Count Monte-Christo Sandwich and the two of them have wrapped themselves up with the local lords of Brightstone keep. Hamilcar now owns and operates a tavern inside the keep. The oddly named “THIS TAVERN IS GOING TO KILL YOUR LIVER AND RAPE IT’S CORPSE” is frequented by the locals and danger seeking alcoholics the world through.

Most recently Hami was kidnapped by a group of strange “Metal Giants” and returned a day later a little more stalwart, but also a little more strange…

Hamilcar "Hami" Sandwich

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