Mygar Shadoweave

A cold hearted Shade Wizard, with a burning love for alchemist fire.


Mygar ShadeWeave the Magnificient Medium Outsider(Shade) Wiz5/Sha3/ShwCft1

HD 9 Hp 117135 9d4+27(Wiz),9d8+27(outsider) Init +3 Speed 30(50)ft, fly 20(poor) AC: 1418 Touch: 14 Flat-footed: 11 Str 14(+2), Dex 16(+3), Con 1618 Int 18(+4), Wis 15(+2), Cha 1517

BAB: +9/+4 Grapple +11 Fort: +913 Ref: +913 Will: +812

Attk: +1 Anarchic Sythe: +13/+8[15/10] 2d4+3[+2] x4 +1 +2d6 dmg vs Law

Light Crossbow: +12/+7[14/9] 1d8[+2] 19-20/x2
Tail Whip : +11/+5[13/8] 1d4[+2]

Space Reach 5ft/5ft(10ft w/ tail)

Special Abilities: once/2rnds Shadow Stride Control light levels +/- 90% 1/rnd invisibility 3/day mirror image:1d4 +1copy/3lev 15% + 5% Concelment

Special Qualities: Spell Resistance – 20 (11+CL) Darkvision 120ft

Feats: Brew potion, Shadow Weave, Spell focus illus, Greater spell focus, Scribe Scroll, Pernicious magic, Insidious Magic Tenacious Magic

Skills: +8 bluff, +15 concen, +16 Craft(Alchemy) +16 Decipher Script, +8 disguse, +8 Handle animal +917 Hide, +16 know arcana, +16 know planes, Listen +6, +917 Move Silent, +9 Ride, +16 Spellcraft +4 Spot

+7 CL Illus +2 CL Necro +2 CL Ench +2 Saves Vs Illus/Necro/Ench -1 CL Evoc/Trans

38400xp wounds

skills for shadowcraft mage 8pts feat


Mygar the Magnificiant

a brief background

Mygar the Magnificiant or Mirton Garamip as he was born, was son to Gerbeddo Garamip alchemist of the (Gnome Village).

Raised as an apprentise in the art of alchemy he soon learned to craft the most intricate potions His interests then turned to books and old tombs and with some mentoring from Old man Rygmil His powers soon grew.

Mygar however did not learn magic as most did with careful study and a precicness most delicate He would draw on his own thoughts and visions to shape reality to his liking.

Gerbeddo was uneasy with the path his son had taken especially with the adeptness to alchemy he had, not to mention the association with the mad hermit Rygmil

Then came the day that human child came to the village left in the middle of the night, the council of eldars met to decide what was to be done

Mygar Shadoweave

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