Mygar Shadoweave-Epic

Freed from the bond of his amulet, Mygar has found a new form, and a new agenda for the world.


Mygar ShadeWeave the Magnificient

Medium Outsider(Shade)Mind Flayer Wiz5/Sha1/ShwCft4/PenLrd10

HD 28 Hp 198/198 [226/226]


Init +7 Speed 30(50)ft

AC: 36 Touch: 33 Flat-footed: 29

Str 16(3), Dex 24(7), Con 1618(3)[4]

Int 24(7), Wis 16(3), Cha 1517 (2)[3]

BAB: 16/11/6/1 Grapple +19

Fort: 16[21] Ref: 19[23] Will: 25[29]

Attk: 2 Anarchic Icy Burst Sythe: +21/16/11/6 [+23/…]

2d4+1d6cold 5[7] x4/3d10cold +2d6 dmg vs Law

+1 Returning MageBane Chakrum of Seeking

always hits a known target 1d4+35 +2d6 vs Arcane Caster

Light Crossbow: 23[25] 1d8[+2] 19-20/x2

Tentacles(4): 21/16(x3) 1d4+3[+2]

Mind Blast: 60ft cone, Will Save 17 or Stunned 3d4 rnds

Quickened 3/day

Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft

Special Abilities: Shadow Walk/Plane shift(shadow) 1/day

Astral Projection 1/day,Shadow Stride once/2rnds

Levitate at will, Resilient Sphere on command,

Time stop 1/day Control light levels +/- 200%,

1/rnd invisibility, 3/day mirror image:1d4 +1copy/3lev,

2/day each 1d6+10mins Shadowcat/Shadowraven Form

Shadowcast- can retain spells below 7th level at cost of Darkness type 1hp/spell level, other spells at 2hp/lev

Shadow Home – Can exist indefinitly (doesn’t age), in a pocket between Material and Shadow plane. Can move between shadows, prepare spell, all senses funtion, telepathy works, only can be forcfully removed by banishing the shadow he is currently in with natural light or Daylight Spell. Can not be attacked, can use following spell, shadow walk, shadow stride, Planeshift(to shadowplane only)

Special Qualities: Spell Resistance – 31 (11+CL) Darkvision 120ft, Protection vs Law(constant), Passes without trace, Nondetection DC39, Disguise Self(at will),

50% avoid gaze, Healed by Negative Energy,

Shadow Strenth 75%, Concealment 40%

Can take 10 on Concentration checks

Feats: Shadow Weave, Spell focus illus, Greater spell focus, Scribe Scroll, Pernicious magic, Insidious Magic Tenacious Magic, Tomb-tainted Soul, Arcane Mastery, Heighten Spell, Metamagic Spell Trigger, Leadership, Quicken Spell-like Ability

Skills: +13 bluff, +28 concen, +28 Craft(Alchemy)

28 Decipher Script, +9 disguse, +27[35] Hide,

+28 know arcana, +28 know planes, +28 know history

+16 Listen , +1826 Move Silent, +28 Spellcraft

+17 Spot, +20 Craft(Gem cutting), +11 Profession(Jeweler)

+5 CL Illus +1 CL Necro +1 CL Ench

-1 CL Evoc/Trans

+2 Saves Vs Illus/Necro/Ench

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Gnome, Dwarven, Infernal, Dragonic, Abyssal

Spells per Day (spellslot+illus slot)



Mygar’s worn Equipment


The Magician’s Hat – +4int, Bag of holding IV


an enchanted Gentleman’s cape (Protection-law)

Amulet of Nondetection/Location

A Dark Shirt – +5AC, +5saves (Profane)

Shadow Mask – obscures face, 30ftcone fear, eyebite 1/day

Shadow Robe – +8AC, Disguise Self at will

Belt of Many Pockets

Gloves of Dexterity/Storing – +4Dex, Conceals 1 item/hand

Bracers – Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere on command

Boots – Pass w/o trace, Endure Elements, Levitate,

Extras: Early Illusion, Illusion Mastery, Focused Specialist,

Prohibited Schools, Conj,Evoc,Trans


When the dust settled after the Battle for Brightstone Keep, Mygar’s tower at Brightstone lay in ruins. He gathered his possesions and a handful of followers loyal to him, bid farewell to his comrades-in-arms and began to construct a new base of operations in the shadow plane mirror of Brightstone.

Mygar Shadoweave-Epic

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