Raz Theleo Wyver

Fighter for Hire with a Full Blade on his back and a Griffin at his side.


8th lvl Fighter, 1st lvl Justicair

str 18, dex 16, con 18, int 15, wis 14, cha 16,

fort +9, Ref +5, Will +6,

Hp: 108, Ac: 20

Atks: (Mw) Keen Full Blade (2d8+9)(17/20×2), (Mw) +4 str Comp. Longbow (1d8+4)(x3)

Defs: (Mw) Scale Mail (+5), Ring of Protection (+2)


Once a great knight of a far off land, he was driven from his home and his winged companion by a storm of angry concubines whom had been promised riches and had birthed him children, only to be left in search of bigger foes to defeat, better riches to be attained and more sultry women to promise riches and knock up. Now after washing up on the shore of a new land with not but the armour and weapons on his back, he is quickly building himself a new reputation and new wealth. Adventuring with a bunch of misfits and befriending eight legged constructs, he is keeping his primal urges at bay and trying his best to keep his one true heirloom from the sneaky hands of his most trusted ally.

Raz Theleo Wyver

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