JaCK WeJiT Adventures

44. Revalation and Resolution
Some questions resolved and the last of the players leaves the material plane

Laura and Raz have been left alone on the material plane. They decide the best course of action would be to try and gain whatever knowledge they can about this new foe and his tower. They head to Marikesh to ask about any rumors.

Soon after arriving there they learn that a major cult has been uncovered throughout the province. Many cult members were captured recently, causing panic in their ranks. Many more members became fearful of having the blame laid on themselves, so they came forward to accuse their associates of coercing them into their actions (through bribery, kidnapping, threats, etc). Law enforcement across Lancaster has been swamped trying to process all of the criminals; with so many laying guilt on others, it’s almost impossible to discover who was actually in charge.

Laura and Raz learn much of this asking around in a tavern. As Laura is walking to the restrooms, she spots a cloaked man trying to hide himself from her. It’s Christofur so she grabs him and drags him into the lavatory, locking the door. She interrogates him about what he has been doing, quickly noticing blood dripping from under his cloak. This is what he tells her:

“I was supposed to meet Baron Wildehurst the day after the ritual. He was trying to resurrect someone called ‘The Great Wyrm’. When the Baron never showed I figured something went wrong, so I went to the site. I found that tower and the Masked Man… Wildehurst was dead, I saw his corpse shambling towards me. My gang was with me and we fought the Masked Man and his undead forces. Tartarus, the Archon, charged him but a portal appeared between them and he just disappeared. Lucia and Dop were either killed or knocked out. I teleported out of there just as I lost consciousness. I’ve been hiding out since them. You want my advice, you do that same until things blow over, that thing isn’t natural.”

After his speach Laura draws her dagger and stabs him in the back; He vanishes just as the blade enters his back. Raz has been eating and drinking at their table as Lauara takes her seat. There’s a not on the table that neither had noticed. Without thinking, Raz reads it to himself “I summon thee”. The world seems to swirl and spin.

Laura, Raz, table et all are in a grassy clearing. The Masked Man is sitting at their table and their animal companions are just behind them (Griffin and Winter Wolf). A portal appears nearby and the Masked Man gestures to it as he speaks: “Laura, this portal leads to the place you belong. It is the Beastlands, a place of great forests and magical beasts. Leave here and never return and we will have no quarrel.”

Laura accepts his offer. The Man speaks to Raz this time: “I wont be as kind to you sir.” He then opens a portal below the Griffin, dropping the creature through. “He has just gone to hell and will surely die, well without any aid that is. Time to choose Raz.” Without missing a beat Raz leaps into the portal.

43. Chaos

Hamilcar speaks to the Duke filling him in on current events. He is told to speak to the Magical Academy. He learns some stuff and gets abducted by Space Marines. They get attacked by Chaos and he falls through a portal into their realm of hell.

42. GoldieLaw and Sheriff Bear

Matrim is still fleeing from those nasty Archons on Bytopia. Minnie decides to help him get back to the material plane with a bit of advise. She tells him that Garl Glittergold would know where the portals out of Bytopia are. He also may be able to help Mygar find his amulet. Luckily she can sense one of Garl’s agents, called Goldielaw’s, in a city near Matrim. He then needs to find the Goldielaw called Oran and convince him to set up a meeting with Garl.

Upon entering the city, Matrim talks to a guard who gives him some seriously dirty looks. He is instructed to go to the temple for processing. Matrim takes the advice and starts down the road. He seems to be getting the same dirty looks from everyone. A few blocks later, a woman hauls him into her house. She is a Tiefling, introducing herself as Astrid and tells him everyone in town can see his alignment as clear as day. Then she casts a spell on him which reflects back any detect alignment spell. He is then kicked out of the house because she doesn’t want to bring any negative attention to herself.

Matrim had learned from the guard and from Astrid that Oran is being held in jail for some reason. He reaches the jail and convinces the guards that he’s a lawyer for the accused and therefore is allowed to speak to him. Oran tells Matrim that he was caught doing something indecent at the Sheriff’s (this Sheriff is also a werebear) house. He also tells him that if he can get him out of jail, he’ll get him an audience with Garl. Matrim asks him if he minds escaping jail and is told that as long as no one dies, he doesn’t care. Matrim thinks on it and leaves to take a break from all this difficult investigating.

He ends up in a bar chatting with some patrons. Astrid is eating some lunch at a table in the corner. He joins her for the meal and they chat. She talks about how she ended up here and her troubles with an oppressive society (at least for any ‘Evil’ races). When asked if she would be interested in leaving, she professes her interest in traveling to somewhere more diverse, like the material plane. He tells her that he’s going to be leaving town soon and if she is willing, she can come with him. Also, he is honest with her about being a Vampire.

41. A Gnomish Journey
Djembe helps out the Gnome Strike Force

Djembe arrives back at the Keep (this is just after meeting King Hobbly). While getting some grub he is approached by Gimble, the head of the Gnome Strike Force (GSF). He tells him he’s got something to show him in secret.

The gnomes pilfered a special mirror from a captured enemy fort. It acts as a two way portal but it leads to a dark empty room. As of yesterday the room is suddenly lit and a door has opened. The Gnomes want Djembe to come with them as they search for treasure.

They all head in and split into squads of 4-3-3-3 with their magic radios allowing them to communicate. Things quickly get out of hand. Two of the squads aren’t responding and by the time the rest are regrouping, a third squad disappears. It’s just Djembe’s squad left when they confront the source of their problems, The Masked Man. He tells them to go help their friends find their way home and transports them to Arcadia.

The four Gnomes now find themselves in an unknown basement. They sneak up the stairs and discover it’s below a tavern. Upon entering the tavern a fellow gnome spots them and greets them. He informs them of their location (Arcadia) and that they may want to keep their heads down, seeing as this is a lawful plane. Leaving the bar to seek out an inn, Djembe spots a very unusual site: Monte, Hamilcars nephew, seems to have run a foul with the law …. in Arcadia?

40. Escaping the Tower
The Resolution to Quest 38

Laura, Hamilcar, Raz, Connie, and Grey Paw have just met in the Tower. There’s a bit of discussion as to which way they should head, either escape the way they entered or to search for Hamilcar’s nephew. During this, Connie wanders into the next room searching for any shiny treasures. The tower begins rumbling and shacking. A loud grinding can be heard throughout the walls. Suddenly the room Connie was in ‘shifts’ into a different room, and it takes Connie with it. The group scrambles to find any trace of him, but he appears to be lost, somewhere in the building.

At this point they agree to get out. The head back down the stairs towards the balcony, but it appears the room that was there has also switched. The group loudly crashes into this foreign area alerting any possible enemies nearby to their presence. Low and behold there is a pair of minotaurs waiting for them in the next room. The beasts are quickly killed and the room is thoroughly searched. It seems to be some sort of security room, with many observation portals set up on the walls. One of them shows Monte stealthily slitting the throat of a minotuar. Moments later, the skull mask is floating behind Monte. It casts a spell and Monte drops through a portal in the floor.

The group leaves the security room and seeks out an exit. Simon, from the previous mission, bumps into them. He can’t remember Hamilcar because “the pointy’s ‘it me head many times”. He joins the group in their escape attempt but he seems convinced that he wont be able to leave. They reach a room full of fog and a closed balcony. A group of minotaurs enters and attaks them. Someone grabs the eversmoking bottle from the centre of the room as Laura opens the window, clearing the fog. The minotaurs withdraw but it seems they managed to nab Simon. The gang calls Archrifith and gtfo’s

39. My Body's no Bodies Body but my Body
Mygar finds himself in an alien city and his new body has problems all it's own

Minnie explains to Mygar a few abilities he has due to his mental power. He can possess a body in the Astral plane, extract knowledge from it, contact people in other planes and contact Minnie herself. In order to get back home and get his body back, Mygar must get access to planar portals. The only place in the astral plane with stable portals is the Githyanki cities. So he possess a Githyanki in the capital of Tu’narath.

The man he took over is named Lykus (Mygar learns this a little later on). The night of the possession, Lykus had just finished disposing of a body for someone named Terath. Mygar attempts to act as much like his host as possible, he sleeps at his home and shows up for work. Terath interrupts his breakfast the next morning, it turns out he his a captain and outranks Lykus/Mygar. Terath was doing some form of smuggling and Lykus was helping him, not very willingly. He has little choice given his rank.

Mygar uses his free time to find out where a portal may be. He is directed to the Office of Transportation, but it is heavily guarded. At dinner, a female (Vaira) from his group home tells him that she accepts his offer to mate with him during the next ceremony. The next day he is supposed to meet Terath instead of going to work. Before hand, he gets an appointment at the Office of Transportation for the next day.

Terath needs him to help transport a chest into a secured area. The get in fine, but the man who was supposed to receive the goods had betrayed them to the authorities. Mygar uses one of the few spells he maintained to make the chest appear empty. Regardless they are brought in for questioning. Rech, the officer in charge learns the truth of Mygar and Lykus.

Rech makes a deal. Mygar is to take over the body of a captured spy. This spy is a Githzerai, a mortal enemy of the Githyanki. The deal is to impersonate him and assassinate a ‘zerai war hero. He is also given the information the spy had been sent to get, the command word to a vital portal between Tu’narath and Limbo. The gateway leads to an area of Limbo near a ‘Zerai monastery, but it only opens once every seven days. Mygar will use it, give the info to the ‘Zerai which should incite them to send a war party through at the next opening. He should have time to poison the ‘Zerai hero while the war party prepares.

As a reward, Rech offers to send Mygar to the Plane of his choice. As a bonus, he will also get an audience with the queen of the Githyanki, a powerful sorcerer.

38. The Tower

Djembe has just fled from the Tower where the kings men are being slaughtered. He scampers through the woods and accidentally ends up in Hobbly’s land where he is apprehended by a patrol. Hobbly, Laura, and Raz learn of what happened the previous night (Quest 36). Of course Laura and Raz are eager to come to Hamilcar’s rescue. Hobbly thinks this new swath of undead could be related to his recent issues (Quest 37), so he sends Connie to assist them.

Hamilcar, having recently escaped from his cell, is about do battle with his mirror image. They pummel each other in a grapple, but neither shows any sign of giving up. Real Hamilcar (RH) uses an item to fill the room with fog. He then places a delicious sandwich and a bottle of fine Port on the ground. Mirror Hamilcar (MH) has the same weakness for food and drink as RH and he just can’t pass up a good sandwich. He attempts to eat it and is stabbed viciously by RH. As MH fades into nothing, RH grabs his pistol.

The rest of the group has now reached site of the Tower. There is still a wall of fire surrounding the grounds around it but the landscape has changed. It appears the undead inside the wall have flattened the area so that it is no longer a crater. After spotting a balcony, Raz, Laura, Connie, and Grey Paw are deposited by Raz’s Griffon on it.

Hamilcar has begun exploring his surroundings and crosses paths with a gnome by the name of Simon. He says that he’s been stuck in the tower for as long as he can remember; seems quite stupid. He also mentions ‘pointy heads’ who stop him from escaping. The two of them travel together and Hami finds a note saying “Don’t trust the gnome” signed TSJ. After descending to a lower level, the gnome scampers away.

The rest of the gang clears out some minotaurs and sets off some traps. They meet up with Hamilcar and part one is over!

37. Matrim and Mygar Meet Again
What did they see, in the parellel dimension.....

Matrim has just been teleported to the plane of Bytopia, a dual paradise with the two lands facing each other (gravity switches at the half way point). The foreign sun doesn’t cause a vampire any pain, but the annoying goodness of the place is unsettling. Matrum begins exploring and works up quite an appetite. Meanwhile…

Mygar awakens in blackness. He feels no body attached to his mind and is unable to sense any presence. After a short period a male voice speaks to him. They discuss Mygars childhood and adolescence. The voice is interrupted by a female, she is telling Mygar that she is a friend and that he should ignore the other voice. The male voice is pushed away from them and Mygar realises everything he told the man is gone from his memories (his oldest memory is of his first battle with Matrum and Laura).

Matrum arrived at a house and proceeded to eat the inhabitants. Two children got away which he promptly chased down, but a group of Lantern Archons saw him kill them and allerted others.

The female voice in Mygars head explained that he is in the Astral Plane and has no body. The creature who stole his memories is a beast common in this realm who gains sustenance from the mind. She helped his because she knew him when she was in the material plane, her name was Minnie. When she died, her soul came here and she didn’t have the mental power to free herself. She teaches Mygar to use his minds eye to ‘see’ into the other realms. He catches a glimpse of Matrum fleeing from Hound Archons in Bytopia. Matrum is walking into a trap so Mygar concentrates very hard and sends him a message to turn back.

Matrum, now on the run in the woods, hears a voice oddly similar to Mygars telling him to go no further. He listens and manages to lose his pursuers.

36. Dirty Fleshlings
King Hobbly is having a problem with restarted fleshlings

Laura Serendipity and Raz Theleo Wyver are met at the Keep by a construct named Connie. He is Hobblys second in command and he brings news of a quest. It involves an undead problem, but any more information must be gained from King Hobbly himself. Laura, Grey Paw, Allessandra, Raz and his Griffon accompany the Construct as he takes them to his land.

Hobbly has built his home into the side of a mountain. He built very capable mining robots to carve out living spaces and harvest raw material. Connie looks like a mechanical gorilla but with drills for hands (he was the first of the Kings miners). The group is brought to see the King and he informs them of his situation. The ‘restarted fleshlings’ are not a major issue themselves, but they are a nuisance. If the nuisance can be permanently ended, Hobbly would much appreciate it. He offers Laura and Raz a special pocket clock he has designed which can measure minutae (1/60th of an hour). Since the fleshlings appear to be recent humans, the group heads for the nearest human setlement, Apton.

A small settlement with little population, Apton is almost a ghost town. It was once the site of a great battle, unfortuanately that means the principle reason for going to Apton is to see the cemetery. Upon arriving in town the group split up to ask questions at the tavern and at the Church. According to the priest their has been some grave robbing, but that has always been an issue. Some of the warriors who were buried after the Battle of the Grove were still wearing their armour and weapons. Most of the loot has already been taken, but the grave robbers haven’t stopped. The recent thiefs seem to have taken the bodies though.

The tavern didn’t turn up much information, except the general layout of the town (church, tavern/inn, blacksmith, orphanage). So they set up a stake out, Connie waited at the road into town and the rest waited in the woods near the cemetery. A group was spotted leaving town at the same time that a group was entering town. Connie quickly got a message to the others to keep an eye on the group entering and he chased after the other group. The group was attacked by undead and Connie dealt with them. At the same time Laura and Raz saw the other group begin to dig up a body. They appeared to be children which led the group to investigate the orphanage on the outskirts of town.

Upon arriving Laura noticed that their were very strong magical auras coming from the second floor and especially the basement. The butler greeted them, but was promptly fascinated and told he should take the night off. Laura and Raz attempt to sneak upstairs, but Raz trips over himself and falls over the railing and through the floor, into the basement. Laura gets upstairs in time to see two of the prefects casting a ritual in front of an altar. Without missing a beat, she lobs a vial of alchemist fire at them and holds their door shut.

35. Nemesis
A few of our adventurers seek out this new adversary

After returning to the Keep, Matrim and Hamilcar are informed by Djembe of Mygars situation. They decide to get drunk and stay inside. Meanwhile, the Duke hasn’t been informed of what happened the previous evening. After waiting for a day he shows up at the Keep, mighty angry. He lectures the group about leaving him in the dark. He informs them that he has organised a company of 100 soldiers to formally ‘welcome’ the newcomer who has taken up residence at his mine. Djembe, Matrim, Hamilcar, and Monte travel with the soldiers.

The company arrives at night. Where the mine used to be, there now stands a tower over 200’ high. Djembe stops at the top of a hill that gives him a good view of the tower and it’s surrounding, everyone else approaches. A cloaked figure exits the main doors and invites the officer in charge and any associates in for a drink. Daniel (a captain), Matrim, Hami, and Monte enter the tower.

After some brief discussion, in which the unnamed man demands the surrender of Lancaster, Matrum (and the chair he was sitting in) falls through a portal. He telepathically yells “FUCK” to Laura as he leaves the material plane. Hami, Monte, and Daniel do battle, but are ultimately unsuccessful. Daniel is killed while Hami and Monte are knocked out.

As the fight took place, the skull mask worn by the unnamed man floated out of the room. Djembe saw it outside as it began casting spells against the soldiers. A wall of fire was conjured trapping the Dukes men inside. They are then slaughtered both by the mask and by undead who have risen out of the ground. It was at this point that Djembe fled the area.

Hamilcar wakes up in a jail cell, suspended above the ground. He shoots the bars with his Wyrdstone pistol which explodes the cage (it was a force cage) and drops to the floor. He enters a hallway that has a mirror at the end of it. Ever the suspicious one, he lobes a stone at the mirror only to have it pass through and bounce off his reflected self. The reflection walks through the mirror and draws his sword…. DUN Dun dun


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