JaCK WeJiT Adventures

34. Of Wyrdstone, Apprentices, and Locked Chests
Mygar and Djembe seek out the knowledge of a magic ex-con

The Duke’s chief alchemist tells Mygar Shadoweave that he may wish to to speak with a man named Nishka. He used to apprentice for a wizard who was convicted for practising illegal magic. The wizard was working with a few others to weaponize Wyrdstone. Their experiments nearly destroyed a city but they were apprehended by the law. The apprentice was the only one not executed.

Mygar and Djembe go to Nishka house and speak with him. He doesn’t have much useful information; his group was unsuccessful at their task. The primary problem with Wyrdstone is that with more powerful magic, it’s increasingly random and violent in it’s response. If the magic influencing it is very powerful it will almost certainly become unstable and explode.

As the apprentice speaks, Mygar feels his amulet becoming restless. It wants the magic user to be killed. The amulet wins and the apprentice dies. Djembe feeds on the body and locks him inside a chest They also steal his journal and the deed to the apartment.

They return to the Alchemist with the information they sought. A few hours later a distress signal is raised. One of the guards at the newly found Wyrdstone deposit was telepathically linked to the Dukes staff. The guard has stopped responding and someone needs to find out why.

The two of them venture forth again. They find all the guards killed at the site, so Mygar conjures up some flying eyes. The eyes descend into the mine and Mygar sees Baron Wildehurst with a group of Mages chanting. The group is surrounding a fire as they chant, the flames getting larger and larger. They reach a crescendo and an enormous explosion erupts, levelling the hill into a crater. Mygar and Djembe are knocked down but survive, the same can’t be said for the group in the mine.

The dust settles with a greenish tinge. Bits of green coalesce into a form in the centre of the crater. It solidifies and becomes a cloaked figure. The figure speaks briefly before attacking. Djembe is immobilised throughout the fight and Mygar immerses himself in a cloud of darkness. A skeletal mask flies off the unknown man and steals Mygars amulet. Mygars soul leaves his body as Djembe flees. He captures Mygars shell and brings it back to the Keep with him. The last thing Mygar does is telepathically tell Djembe not to trust his body.

33. Allesandra

This quest is from Raz’s Griffins point of view (named Archrifith). It shows him being held captive by a circus, his escape (with the help of a female rouge named Allesandra) and his journey to Lancaster. They travel together searching for Archrifith’s old master. It took them the better part of a year, but they do finally reach Brightstone Keep. Allesandra decides to hang around with Laura and Raz.

32. Laura Meets King Hobbly

Laura and Greypaw are rebuilding the theatre when her wolf pack arrives. One of the wolves is badly wounded, from a quick inspection they deduce it is poisoned. Greypaw knows of a sacred pond said to have regenerative abilities. They seek it out, with the wolves travelling close behind. It is located and the wolf is healed. On the way back to the Keep, they run into a tribe of Ogres. Laura and crew flee, but hit a dead end (rock wall on all sides). Suddenly a black gorilla like creature (with Drills for hands) appears and wrecks havok in the Ogre ranks, causing them to route. The creature introduces himself as Connie, a servent of the great King Hobbly, and then leaves.

Laura hears a voice in her head telling her “Your friend needs you, go and save him”. A kilometer or so away, Bernard is frantically looking for Matrim. He tells Laura that they were teleported by a trap and that he could be anywhere. She uses her magic to locate him inside a hill. Greypaw runs off to grab Connie who digs Matrim out.

31. Matrum the Turncoat
Matrums solo mission

This quest starts off during Wyrdstone Mines PIII, but follows Matrim and Bernard. Bernard seems to have caught scent of whatever he’s seeking and is intent to find it immediately. They leave in the night and take a side passage, abandoning their comrades. The path leads to a full blown Beholder, who introduces her?self as Bernards mother! They battle, Bernard wins and then consumes his mother whole. Matrim triggers a trap and they are transported to an unknown location. Bernard grows considerably after this and becomes a Beholder.

Ps. Matrims disappearance was actually due to his player getting ill.

30. The Tax Man/Woman

Mygar, Hamilcar, and Djembe are sent to destroy a fort which is occupied by Wildhursts sympathizers. Laura and Raz run an errand for the Duke; they must extract some tax money form a merchant. The merchant appears to have left his town, but his home has some notes leading them to a house in the woods.

The guys goin to the fort have killed the guards outside and enter a cavernous basement. Laura and Raz enter the house in the woods, only to find a series of tunnels. The two groups cross paths underground and join forces. It’s a good thing they did, because they stumble onto a Basilisk. An awesome fight ensues, involving blankets, teleportation and Basilisk wrestling.

29. A Time for Rest

Laura and Raz are now outlaws (The Baron has a warrent for their arrest) who must convice Duke Hancocke to pardon them. Hancocke got cut by a poisoned daggger during the previous days fighting, so he sends Mygar, Hami, and Djembe to find a cure.

Laura and Raz must kill some bugbears that are bothering the Duke. On the way they stumble on Hobbly whom they give one pound of gold.

28. Barons Secret PIII

Grey Paw, a werebear, and the Gnome Strikefore free Laura and Raz from jail. The guards captain has a map with Yuan-ti writing on it and several locations marked. They leave the jail and investigate the closest marking. It’s a guard post where they meet up with Mygar, Djembe, and Hami.

The suspicious elf they were following was in the guard post and teleported to Brightstone Keep. Laura, Raz and Greypaw head to the Keep. The elf has taken Abraham hostage in Laura’s auditorium. The Baron, Christofur and his Grey Render appear. All of them except the Grey Render flee. The Render destroys a chunk of the building before being killed.

27. Wyrdstone Mines PIV

They fight their way through the basement and into a guard post. There they meet Laura and Raz. A note is found on one of the dead guards, discussing a plot to assassinate the Duke, tonight! Lauara and Raz have other important business, so the current group leave to save the Duke.

They have an epic fight at the Dukes Mansion and save him.

Two of the guards were left alive and persuaded to aid the players.

26. Wyrdstone Mines PIII

Hamilcar returns, Matrim and Bernard leave without any message. The rest journey forth and encounter a suspicious looking elf. They follow him through a portal into a basement

25. The Barons Secret PII

Laura and Raz are invited to an autumn festival by the Baron. Blunt Fang ‘smells’ someone untrustworthy in the Barons entourage, so he asks the players to gather information at the party. They follow a suspicious elf into the basement and see him using a portal to harm the other group in the mines. They are caught by guards and detained for trespassing.


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