JaCK WeJiT Adventures

14. Wyrdstone Mines I

Matrim, Mygar, Hamilcar, Djembe, and Raz are sent by the duke to reclaim his Wyrdstone Mine. Hamilcar is given a Wyrdstone pistol with 6 shots. It will destroy any magic creature or disrupt any spell abilities.

13. "Problems" On the Road
On the way back from Tarrant the group runs into some "problems"

As the adventurers are travelling, Mygar Shadoweave realises they are very near his village. They decide to stop in briefly where he discovers his brother has gone missing. Recently many of the gnome youths have disappeared and they are asked by Mygars mother to help discover their whereabouts.

They check the area and come across a caravan which had been ambushed the day before. The merchant tells them that: Creatures of fur and claw ransacked our caravan. We were warned by a passing merchant that many goods were being stolen along this road. Using the caravan and some cloaks the group set up a fake caravan further along the road. They wait to get ambushed and reverse the trap.

Some gnomes riding dire badgers attack them that night. They take one hostage and get him to tell them where the rest of the bandits are. Upon arriving at the bandit camp they discover it to be destroyed. One of the gnomes survived and tells them that some centaurs destroyed the camp and dragged the captives to their camp (and that they Mygars brother is amongst the captives). Following the tracks of the centaurs is easy enough because of all the unwilling gnomes which where dragged along.

The gnomes are held in a cage off to the side of the camp. Their is one guard who is knocked out without alerting the others. While they get the gnomes out, Matrim and Mygar provide a distraction. Mygar creates an illusion of a storm while Matrim send a real lightning bolt into the centaur nursery, igniting it on fire. (this is one of the actions that incurred the wrath of the Celestials). The Centaurs are thoroughly distracted while they all make their escape.

The gnomes a reunited with their badger mounts and give the treasure they stole back to the party. One item is an odd green stone (later called a WyrdStone) stolen from one of the Duke’s men. The gnomes who were saved don’t want to go back to the boredom of living in their village. They ask to travel with the party and help them out. They are to become THE MOUNTED GNOME STRIKEFORCE OF BRIGHTSTONE.

12. Featherdale Betrayal
An informant for the Baron was killed in Tarrant recently

Lauara, Raz, and Rieko spent some time in Oaker and Featherdale while the other players went about their business. About a week goes by before the Baron asks to speak with them. He tells them that an important informant of his was killed in Tarrant. He is having some people look into who did that actual killing but he’s sure it was ordered by the Duke. The Baron says that he only told three people who his informant was therefore one of the three must have betrayed him to the Duke. He wants the group to discover who that is.


  • Jonah: His man at arms
  • Saul: Captain of the guard
  • Richard: A Business owner; in charge of most trade in and out of the city

The group spends some time talking to various townsfolk. Richard appears to be involved in some shady deals. They ‘convince’ him to set up a deal with a criminal organisation so that one of them can join it. The meet goes a rye and nothing comes of it, but some of the players made note of the fact that the contact appeared snakelike.

Eventually the group discovered that Jonah’s wife is missing and that he had lied about her whereabouts. When confronted he confesses to his lie and tells them that she had been kidnapped. The kidnappers told him that if he didn’t give them the name of the informant they’d kill his wife. He didn’t want to tell anyone because he thought they would kill her then as well.

Jonah’s situation was passed on the the Baron who said he wasn’t angry at Jonah. He would try to get his wife back without letting the kidnappers know he was aware of the situation.

11. Tarrant Assassination
The Duke needs someone dead ... discretely

The Duke arrives at Brightstone Keep and asks to speak with Mygar and Matrim. He needs someone to be killed without it being lead back to himself. The complication is that the man lives in a heavily guarded city, Tarrant, and never leaves without a large escort. The Duke wishes that an associate of his, Hamilcar, go with them to guarantee no laws are (known to be) broken. Before the three of them leave, Laura telepathically tells Matrim that Djembe may be able to help them out, since he’s a rogue. The agree to meet him along the road.

They arrive at Tarrant without running into any “problems”. The city is divided into districts with a sizable wall between each. The man who is to be killed, Virgil Tongue, is in the administrative district. No one is allowed in that district without official documentation stating your business there. Hami got through by getting one of the guards drunk and then foreign a note stating his reason for getting in. Sadly he did a very, very bad job forging the note (“King says I can come in ~ King”). After showing the guard the note, he told the guard to flip it over, where he had written “Prestige” and then he punched him in the balls. The guard was knocked out, had liqueur poured on him and dragged to the side. Hamilcar was in.

Djembe and Mygar decided to work together. The two gnomes purchased a large ladder and waited for nightfall. Djembe got on the ladder while it was on the ground while Mygar tied the top of the ladder to a grappling hook launcher. He fired, the ladder and Djembe shot through the sky. Djembe held the ladder while Mygar got over and they knocked it back when they where finished.

Matrim did not take a subtle approach. Before Hami had gotten through he had been trying to get in by claiming to be a vampire hunter. He was saying that there was a dangerous vampire in the city and only he could kill it. Well Matrim decided to make the rumour true by killing the guards at a gate and feeding on one of them. He was spotted by someone and ran, escaping into the night.

The four of them met up and broke into Virgil’s house. They held his family hostage while waiting for him to get home from work, when they killed the lot of them. Matrim fed on them all and they used the vampire rumour to cover up the assassination.

Matrim and Mygar teleported outside the city. Djembe used the tapestry he had stolen to bluff himself off as a travelling tapestry salesman. Hamilcar used his vampire hunter reputation to get outside the city, ostensible trying to chase down the vampire.

10. Woodland Critters
Some friendly woodland critters need help

This mission introduces another three players into the game: Djembe, Raz Theleo Wyver, and Reiko. It begins with Laura receiving a letter from Rieko, asking for aid.

Laura had lived in a small village called Oaker in her youth. Oaker is a community made mostly of half-breeds, intelligent monsters and people who are nature oriented. Reiko, an elf druid, was friends with Laura when she lived there. Apparently Oaker had been having a dispute with a local mine and it had led to some creatures being killed. We are introduced to Josephus the ‘head’ of Oaker, a werebear.

Laura arrived at Featherdale (the nearest city to Oaker) and spoke with Baron Wildehurst who offered his help in the matter. The mine in question was under orders of Duke Hancocke who’s athority superceeded Wildehursts. He told her that he would offer any support he could in the matter. While in town she came across Raz caring Djembe in a sack. Raz claimed that he had caught the halfling stealing from him. The two of them agreed to help Laura and Rieko, but only for the gold.

The group went to the mine, killed some warforged which were being made there, and captured the head of the local military. They tied him up and left him at the gate with a note telling them to cease their destruction of the critters land.

9. Featherdale Intro
Really unimportant quest

This quest was meant to introduce three new characters into the game. It was from a dungeon magazine which I can’t really find right now. Two of the three characters were dropped after the quest, so I’m not posting much of anything about what happened.

Hamilcar “Hami” Sandwich made his first appearance as did the city of Featherdale and Baron Wildehurst. Other then that it doesn’t really matter what happened.

8. Vampires II
All has not been resolved on Whetstone Path

After the group leaves Matrim with Lucia, he is seduced by her. In the next few days, he becomes progressively more ill.

Meanwhile, Mygar is showing Minnie around the Keep. Abraham warns him that he feels something is off about her. Eventually Mygar realises that she’s under the influence of a magical spell. Once it is removed she tells him that Lucia is not her sister. She’s an impostor, a vampire, who has kept all of the members of their household under her thrall. If Matrim has already been infected by her they need to get Matrims coffin far away from Lucia’s because it will break her thrall over him.

Laura had spent some time with Blunt Fang and received a letter from Christofur to meet him in Marikesh. During the meeting he tells her that he believes the province may descend into civil war. The Baron of Featherdale Wildehurst is in a political struggle with Christofurs father and recently it has escalated into bloodshed.

Mygar rushes to help Matrim (who has stopped responding to their telepathic link—> Plant) and Blunt Fang goes to Marikesh to get Laura. Laura, Mygar and Fang attack the Vincent household and rescue Matrims coffin.

The next evening Humbert (Vincent’s butler) sneaks into the Keep and kills Minnie.

7. Vampires I
There have been several dissapearances on a nearby trade route

The elders of Marikesh send the group to deal with several disappearances on the Whetstone Path. An aristocrat offers to let them stay in his house with him. The group agrees and upon arriving, meet Vincent the aristocrat, his two nieces Lucia and Minnie, and the servant Humbert.

The next day they kill an Ogre who may have caused the disappearances. Some of the players remain unconvinced that he was responsible, but there is no other known threats.

After celebrating, Minnie tells Mygar she wishes to come to the Keep with him and become his apprentice. Matrim elects to stay with Lucia because she secretly tells him she knows of ways to increase his powers 10 fold.

6. Building Brightstone Keep
Taking care of some day to day affairs at Brightstone

The new owners of Brightstone Keep need to hire some staff from town. They also start paying for some repairs and upgrades to the existing structure. Abraham is chosen as the caretaker to deal with issues while the group is away.

Once the staffing issues are finished they all head back to the Keep. Later that day, the winter wolf returns and introduces himself as Blunt Fang. He tells them that his pack has moved on and he can’t find others of his kind. Blunt requests that he be able to stay in the Keep on occasion in exchange for helping to thin the numbers of the lesser creatures nearby.

Finally, the group does a patrol of the country side.

5. Brightstone Keep
A trade route is being harrased by an orc controlled keep

Mygar, Matrim, and Laura are off to Marikesh where the locals are (surprise!) having problems. An abandoned Keep/mine has been taken over by orcs and is causing serious issues for trade routes through the mountains. The group is told by locals that if they can remove the inhabitants of the Keep, there will undoubtedly be much unclaimed riches inside.

They proceed to attack the keep, killing most of the orcs. They free a winter wolf who was chained up in the yard and he thanks them before fleeing. After the assault is over, they are told by the leaders of Marikesh that if they wish to keep the mountains trade routes protected, they can have the Keep.


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