JaCK WeJiT Adventures

1. Plant
The adventure begins

Our adventure begins in Drystan, a small town in the province of Lancaster. Matrum, Mygar, and Laura are passing through town, only to hear that there is a sickness affecting some locals. After investigating they discover that it’s coming from a strange plant. The three of them become hosts for the plant, which allows it to return to it’s native plane. A part of the plant remains in each of them and serves as a telepathic link between them.

2. Orc Horde
The group investigates an abandoned orc hideout.

The group hears a rumour while in Drystan about an abandoned orc horde nearby. They investigate, kill the new inhabitants within and take some loot.

....(alright, so this one is a bit basic, I just wanted them to get some treasure and kill something)

3. Bugbear Problems I
The group is introduced to the Duke who needs their assistance

Matrim, Mygar, and Laura are greeted by Christofur Hancocke, the dukes son. He reads them this message:

My father, Duke of Teryino wishes your assistance. He heard of a group of adventurers were nearby and has a pressing issue. Some of the more savage species which inhabit the woods near our town have become much more aggressive as of late. Many citizens have died in raids and it is time our enemies were banished from our land. He will reward you greatly if you would come to his aid.

The group travelled with the young man to the dukes town of Teryino. After searching the area around the city they fought and killed a group of bugbears. The creatures had a map showing a nearby bugbear village.

4. Bugbears Problems II
The bugbear problem is finished, but what are the repercussions?

The group decides to go back into town before confronting the bugbear village. As they’re resupplying Mygar is approached by a guard and asked to speak to Duke Hancocke.

Duke: I wanted to speak to you away from the others because I feel we share similar world views. I spoke with my son as soon as he arrived and some of what he said worried me. He believes we should make a truce with the Bugbears. He’s young and doesn’t understand how the world works outside of a nursery. To get to the point, I want you to guarantee there is no truce; I want them dead. I will honour our original deal and give you the reward regardless of how you handle the situation, but future business between us hangs in the balance. Take this as a token of my appreciation for your extra help. (he then hands him a crystal ball)

Christofur refuses to accompany the three of them to the village because he doesn’t want to take part in a slaughter. The three adventurers are confronted just outside of the town by the leader of the bugbears and his most powerful warriors. In the ensuing fight, all the bugbears are killed except the leader. He tells the group that his people will leave the area if they are spared.

Mygar and Matrim decide to execute the leader. Christofur intervenes and tries to save the bugbear. Mygar and Matrim begin fighting with Christofur, while Laura attempts to stop the three from fighting (healing Christofur to keep him from dying). Christofur is forced to flee in the end and the bugbear is killed.

5. Brightstone Keep
A trade route is being harrased by an orc controlled keep

Mygar, Matrim, and Laura are off to Marikesh where the locals are (surprise!) having problems. An abandoned Keep/mine has been taken over by orcs and is causing serious issues for trade routes through the mountains. The group is told by locals that if they can remove the inhabitants of the Keep, there will undoubtedly be much unclaimed riches inside.

They proceed to attack the keep, killing most of the orcs. They free a winter wolf who was chained up in the yard and he thanks them before fleeing. After the assault is over, they are told by the leaders of Marikesh that if they wish to keep the mountains trade routes protected, they can have the Keep.

6. Building Brightstone Keep
Taking care of some day to day affairs at Brightstone

The new owners of Brightstone Keep need to hire some staff from town. They also start paying for some repairs and upgrades to the existing structure. Abraham is chosen as the caretaker to deal with issues while the group is away.

Once the staffing issues are finished they all head back to the Keep. Later that day, the winter wolf returns and introduces himself as Blunt Fang. He tells them that his pack has moved on and he can’t find others of his kind. Blunt requests that he be able to stay in the Keep on occasion in exchange for helping to thin the numbers of the lesser creatures nearby.

Finally, the group does a patrol of the country side.

7. Vampires I
There have been several dissapearances on a nearby trade route

The elders of Marikesh send the group to deal with several disappearances on the Whetstone Path. An aristocrat offers to let them stay in his house with him. The group agrees and upon arriving, meet Vincent the aristocrat, his two nieces Lucia and Minnie, and the servant Humbert.

The next day they kill an Ogre who may have caused the disappearances. Some of the players remain unconvinced that he was responsible, but there is no other known threats.

After celebrating, Minnie tells Mygar she wishes to come to the Keep with him and become his apprentice. Matrim elects to stay with Lucia because she secretly tells him she knows of ways to increase his powers 10 fold.

8. Vampires II
All has not been resolved on Whetstone Path

After the group leaves Matrim with Lucia, he is seduced by her. In the next few days, he becomes progressively more ill.

Meanwhile, Mygar is showing Minnie around the Keep. Abraham warns him that he feels something is off about her. Eventually Mygar realises that she’s under the influence of a magical spell. Once it is removed she tells him that Lucia is not her sister. She’s an impostor, a vampire, who has kept all of the members of their household under her thrall. If Matrim has already been infected by her they need to get Matrims coffin far away from Lucia’s because it will break her thrall over him.

Laura had spent some time with Blunt Fang and received a letter from Christofur to meet him in Marikesh. During the meeting he tells her that he believes the province may descend into civil war. The Baron of Featherdale Wildehurst is in a political struggle with Christofurs father and recently it has escalated into bloodshed.

Mygar rushes to help Matrim (who has stopped responding to their telepathic link—> Plant) and Blunt Fang goes to Marikesh to get Laura. Laura, Mygar and Fang attack the Vincent household and rescue Matrims coffin.

The next evening Humbert (Vincent’s butler) sneaks into the Keep and kills Minnie.

9. Featherdale Intro
Really unimportant quest

This quest was meant to introduce three new characters into the game. It was from a dungeon magazine which I can’t really find right now. Two of the three characters were dropped after the quest, so I’m not posting much of anything about what happened.

Hamilcar “Hami” Sandwich made his first appearance as did the city of Featherdale and Baron Wildehurst. Other then that it doesn’t really matter what happened.

10. Woodland Critters
Some friendly woodland critters need help

This mission introduces another three players into the game: Djembe, Raz Theleo Wyver, and Reiko. It begins with Laura receiving a letter from Rieko, asking for aid.

Laura had lived in a small village called Oaker in her youth. Oaker is a community made mostly of half-breeds, intelligent monsters and people who are nature oriented. Reiko, an elf druid, was friends with Laura when she lived there. Apparently Oaker had been having a dispute with a local mine and it had led to some creatures being killed. We are introduced to Josephus the ‘head’ of Oaker, a werebear.

Laura arrived at Featherdale (the nearest city to Oaker) and spoke with Baron Wildehurst who offered his help in the matter. The mine in question was under orders of Duke Hancocke who’s athority superceeded Wildehursts. He told her that he would offer any support he could in the matter. While in town she came across Raz caring Djembe in a sack. Raz claimed that he had caught the halfling stealing from him. The two of them agreed to help Laura and Rieko, but only for the gold.

The group went to the mine, killed some warforged which were being made there, and captured the head of the local military. They tied him up and left him at the gate with a note telling them to cease their destruction of the critters land.


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