Political Figures

Duke Hancocke: The Duke of Lancaster

Baron Wildehurst: The Baron of Featherdale (Deceased)


Lucia: The vampiress who gave Matrum his condition. She gathered together Samiel, Christofur and the Doppelganger to thwart the owners of Brightstone Keep.

Christofur Hancocke: The Dukes estranged son who was attacked by Matrum and Mygar, on his fathers orders. He blames those two for his descent into lawlessness.

Samiel: A hound archon who is trapped on the material plane untill he can exact vengeance upon the owners of Brightstone.

Doppelganger: As yet he remains unnamed, but he impersonated Mygar between his death and ressurection. The real Mygar tore out Dopps eye when he discovered him.


Abraham: The caretaker of Brightstone Keep.

Bernard: A young beholder (technically a gauth) who is living with Matrum.


Vincent: An aristocrat who lives on the Whetstone path near Brightstone Keep. He is currently under the control of Lucia.


Minnie: Vincent’s niece who was killed by their butler when she betrayed Lucia.

Blunt Fang: A winter wolf who lived with the adventurers at Brightstone Keep. He and Laura become a companions before he was killed by Grey Render. Laura is currently taking care of his son Grey Paw.

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