Mygar Shadoweave: Mygar Shadoweave (formerly ‘the Magnificent’) was one of the original players. He started out as a gnome illusionist but was killed by a Formian. He was brought back to life as a servant of the shadow goddess, in the form of a Lurker.

Laura Serendipity: Laura is the most ‘good’ of the players, standing at an amazing TN. She’s a half-elf Bard who has started to learn to be a Wolf Lord with her companion Bloodless, a Winter Wolf. Currently she is an outlaw due to her work against the Baron.

Matrim the Bastard: Matrim, the human sorcerer turned vampire, is Mygar’s long time associate. He has taken in a young beholder named Bernard to help him build his lair inside Brighstone Mines.

Djembe Djembe The second gnome in the group, Djembe is Mygars cousin. He’s a rogue half-vampire (due to a series of events involving Matrim and the Duke) who has a pension for stealing tapestries.

Raz Theleo Wyver: Arrived from the ocean with only the possessions in his sack, Raz is a human fighter turned berserker. He has been working with Laura as of late and became an outlaw through the same circumstances.

Hamilcar “Hami” Sandwich: Sandwich is a from a far off, unknown land of “Spain”. He’s a Paladin who seeks to smite Neutrality in all it’s forms. His nephew joined him in Lancaster and has traveled with the group for some time. During a recent mission Sandwich was abducted be some ‘giants covered in metal’ and was brought back ‘changed’.

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