Matrim the Bastard

Attractive, in a way that makes you want to pee yourself in terror.




Abandoned by his parents as a baby, at the behest of a local wise man. He was discovered by some traveling gnome con-artists, who decided to take care of him. He turned out to be a natural sorcerer, so they returned with him to their village to leave him with one of the resident magic users. He met Mygar the Magnificent, as he was in those days, and they hit it off. They left the village to find their fortune elsewhere. Along the way they tracked down Matrim’s parents and he burned the village to the ground, though not before his mother told him that his father had left her to travel. Other than his relentless lust for power, and his love of evil, finding his father to get some answers is his main goal. His one true friend is Mygar, and though he holds others in high regard, Mygar will most likely always be the only one he really trusts. He considers all those he works with to be competent comrades to keep around. He was made a vampire by Lucia, but his compatriots rescued him from her mental thrall by stealing his coffin from her possession. It now resides in his throne room, under constant watch. He currently resides in the mines behind [[BrightstoneKeep]], where he is creating his fortress with help from the Beholder Bernard.

Matrim the Bastard

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